Coach Ralph

Ralph is the founder and manager of My Personal Coach. Coach Ralph graduated from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in 1997 and obtained a Master in Physical Education. He then specialized at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels in the field of Fitness and Health. Later, in 2003, he obtained the degree of Ergonomist at the University of Antwerp. In addition, he is still training in the fields of training, nutrition and personal training.


Ralph started with personal training in 2003 and therefore already has many years of experience in personal training. He is very skilled in Start 2 Run and other running programs. He is also very creative with strength exercises, bodyshaping and core training. He has also studied certain nutritional programs and is always looking for exciting and challenging exercise material.


In his spare time you will find Ralph on the MTB or tie the running shoes on. In the winter he likes to stand on the slats in the snow, in the summer he sometimes enjoys the surfboard.


You can reach Ralph via

Coach Ralph

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