Personal Coaching

What is a personal coach?

A personal coach? Isn't that just for the "stars"? No, everyone can be assisted by a coach. Your coach works with you on your personal goals. Everyone is different and is evolving at their own speed. Your trainer can perfectly respond to your needs.

A personal coach can assist you in working out on your fitness or in the fitness center. Do you want to work on your weight or endurance? Is strength training your goal? Maybe you don't know how to start building your condition or you just miss that little bit of motivation to start it yourself ...

Your coach sets you on the road to reach your healthy goals!


What does a personal coach do?

How a personal coach works is rather difficult to explain in a few lines. Since an individual approach is pursued, a general answer is not easy.

If you decide to work with your own trainer, you try to exercise together at least once a week. The content differs from person to person.

Such a session often consists of a part of endurance training (eg walking, cycling, swimming) supplemented with strength exercises (eg core training, abdominal exercises, BBB). You decide where the training sessions take place. It is often just at your home. There is a park or a forest nearby. Also for strength exercises you do not always need sophisticated equipment. You can achieve a lot with a mat, dumbbells, dynabands or kettlebells. In addition, it is possible to meet in our practice.

Or would you like to participate in a running competition such as the 10 miles, but you don't know how to start? Would you like to prepare for a (quarter) triathlon? Would you like to learn to swim better? Or would you like a private spinning lesson? Contact us, we will help you on your way!

You can also go to My Personal Coach for rehabilitation after (sports) injuries to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Together towards a fitter lifestyle!

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